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Fire Permits

All outdoor burning within Beaver County requires a burning permit.   Click here to apply for a   burning permit. Applications are processed daily except on weekends.

Permits can be also be obtained from, the towns of Tofield, Viking, the villages of Holden, Ryley, Beaver County office, the Beaver Emergency Services Commission Office, and all local Fire Chiefs.

For further information please contact the Beaver Emergency Services Commission office @ 780-336-3041

Current Fire Ban Status Advisory

With an unusually dry grass fire season upon us it is paramount that we use caution with any open burning within the county and municipalities. BESC is continuing to monitor weather and wind conditions and further fire restrictions may been imposed quickly. We are evaluating each fire permit application carefully and only allowing those fires that have an adequate water supply and are continuously supervised to proceed.

For up to date information on fire bans or restrictions please visit www.albertafirebans.ca

BESC Office Information

We are following recommended COVID-19 protocols at the BESC Office.  Masks are required.

Beaver Emergency Services Commission

Fire Permits Required Year Round

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Fire Permits for open burning are now required year round, from January 1st to December 31st. At the December 5, 2013 meeting of the Beaver Emergency Services Commission, Bylaw No. 4-2013 was passed which brought in the changes for fire permits. For more information on fire permits please review the information on the BESC website or contact the Beaver Emergency Services office at 780-336-3041.

Fire permits are available by filling out an application online on the BESC website at www.besc.ca or from the following Fire Guardians:

Town Office (Tofield) Ph: 780-662-3269
Dave Oleksyn (Tofield) Ph: 780-951-3607

Village Of Ryley Ph: 780-663-3653
Beaver County Office (Ryley) Ph: 780-663-3730

Village of Holden Ph: 780-688-3928
Blair Ewasiuk ( Holden) Ph: 780-603-0179

Rob Roulston ( Bruce) Ph: 780-254-0224

50th Street Auto (Viking) Ph: 780-336-2526
BESC Headquarters (Viking) Ph: 780-336-3041

Kelly Overbo (Kinsella) Ph: 780-336-5518

BESC Head Office Ph: 780-336-3041

Fire Permits are issued for a 14 day period and are free of charge.

Volunteers Needed!

We need you! Through unwavering vigilance, rigorous training and unquestionable dedication, the Volunteer Firefighters of BESC work to serve and ensure the safety of every person in the county.

Local Links

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www.fcss-trbc.com Tofield Family Community Support Services

Viking Medical Clinic - Kalyna County Primary Care Network

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