Protect your Home and Valuables

Protect Your Home

  • Lawn furniture, trash cans, children's toys, garden equipment, clotheslines, hanging plants and any other objects that may fly around and damage property should be brought indoors.
  • Leave trees and shrubs alone. If you did not cut away dead or diseased branches or limbs from trees and shrubs, leave them alone - do not do it now.
  • Turn off BBQ propane gas tanks. Propane tanks often become dislodged in disasters.
  • If high winds are expected, cover the outside of all windows of your home. Use shutters that are rated to provide significant protection from windblown debris, or fit plywood coverings over all windows. Tape does not prevent windows from breaking and is not recommended.
  • If flooding is expected, consider using sand bags to keep water away from your home. It takes two people about one hour to fill and place 100 sandbags, giving you a wall one foot high and 20 feet long. Make sure you have enough sand, burlap or plastic bags, shovels, strong helpers and time to place them properly.

Protect Your Valuables

  • Move television sets, computers, stereos, electronic equipment and easily moveable appliances to higher levels of your home and away from windows. Wrap them in sheets, blankets or burlap.
  • Make a visual or written record of all of your household possessions. List model and serial numbers. Include expensive items such as sofas, chairs, tables, beds, chests, wall units and any other furniture too heavy to move. Consider storing the list in a safety deposit box.
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