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Emergency Planning

Prepared individuals reduce pressure and demand on local and provincial resources, allowing emergency responders to focus on supporting the most vulnerable and high-risk community members as well as getting the situation under control. This focus is critical to reducing economic disruptions, helping people return to their lives and work sooner.

The 2023 Survey of Albertans shows 25% of those surveyed have a household emergency plan and even less are aware of the emergency plans at their loved one’s facilities, such as their child’s school or a parent’s care home. Disasters cause confusion and distress; an emergency plan can help.

See the following resources to help make a plan:

Make an emergency plan – planning considerations and resources.
Get Prepared: Make an emergency plan – online planning tool.

Pet Preparedness – to help keep pets safe, before, during and after an emergency.
Farm animals and livestock – to help keep farm animals and livestock safe when sheltering or evacuating.