Application for a Permit to Construct a Burning Device

NOTE: this is an application to construct an approved fire pit or burning device ONLY. You will receive an email advising if your permit has been approved or denied. If your permit has been approved, you will receive an electronic copy of the actual Permit, which you must print out and have available to present to enforcement agencies upon request. Do not begin construction until you have received the electronic Permit.


It is the responsibility of the applicant to be familiar with and abide by the requirements of the Bylaw No. 4-2013. (click to open Bylaw, requires Adobe PDF Reader)

If you have any comments or questions regarding this permit application, please call (780) 336-3041

Please Note: If you use AOL, you will not be able to use this application system. Due to AOL's email policies, approved permits might not get through to the intended recipient.

To obtain a permit to construct a fire pit or approved burning device, please fill out the following:

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Legal Land Description

Enter your legal land description. If you are unsure about your legal description, please enter N/A into the fields below.

No person shall construct, erect, locate or use an approved device or fire pit until a permit has been obtained from the Fire Chief, or designated Beaver Emergency Services Commission representative. To have existing pit inspected contact your local fire department for assistance.

Approved Device or Fire Pit is to be used only for the purpose of recreational and/or cooking food. Materials to be burned is restricted to "clean" wood (no treated wood). No paper, leaves or garbage shall be burned in the device.

APPROVED DEVICE – A device or appliance specifically made for the purpose of containing a fire which shows a proper approval label from the Underwriters Laboratory of Canada, or other approving agency, and/or approved by the Fire Chief. In all cases the device or appliance shall meet the requirements of all legislation, codes and regulations pertaining to such devices or appliances.

FIRE PIT – A non-commercial appliance or device used specifically for the purpose of burning combustible materials. See Appendix.

PENALTY - Any person who contravenes Section 22 of the Beaver Emergency Services Commission Bylaw No. 4-2013 shall be deemed guilty and subject to fines of not less than five hundred ($500.00) dollars and not more than five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars.

The Permittee agrees to indemnify and save harmless Beaver Emergency Services Commission from all liability arising out of the operations authorized by this permit.

I have read and accept the conditions above and regulations in Bylaw No. 4-2013, accepting full responsibility.

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