Beaver County COVID-19 Update

Beaver County COVID-19 Update

BESC is aware of the recent spike in cases of Covid in the Beaver County region. We strongly recommend calm in riding out this elevation of the numbers, as the Province of Alberta is also experiencing a similar situation.

We are monitoring the situation closely and listening to our partner municipalities and Directors of Emergency Management in the region. The overwhelming message is to follow current Alberta Health Services guidelines, practice physical distancing and when appropriate wear a mask. Masks are available at Tim Hortons, A&W, McDonalds and other AHS designated locations including retail outlets. It would be helpful to call first and reserve your order.

Alberta Health Services has assured us that all the cases, both the ones in the past, and now the most recent ones, are from known sources, and everyone involved is cooperating with Alberta Health Services to prevent further spread.  The general population in the Beaver County Region is at low risk.

This increase was anticipated and shows the conditions that existed up to about a week ago, although heading into the upcoming long weekend it is important that we stay vigilant to reduce the cases and protect the vulnerable. Together we can mitigate this temporary outbreak. Please follow the Covid Links on our website at or for further information call our office 780-336-3041


About the Commission

A special regional partnership has been created to ensure all the people in Beaver County have high quality emergency fire, medical, rescue and hazardous material services. These emergency services are performed by a highly skilled and committed volunteer staff, safely using modern methods and equipment that is strategically located and well maintained.

The Beaver Emergency Services Commission is a regional partnership between the towns of Tofield, Viking, villages of Holden, Ryley and Beaver County, Alberta set up for the administration and delivery of fire and emergency management services

The Beaver Emergency Services Commission manages the administration and oversees operations of volunteer fire departments in each of the towns of Tofield and Viking, the villages of Ryley and Holden, and the hamlets of Bruce and Kinsella. Fire Department operations in each of the towns and villages are managed by a District Fire Chief and many dedicated volunteer firefighters.

Beaver Emergency Services Commission has six fire stations in the following Towns and Villages: Kinsella, Viking, Bruce, Holden, Ryley and Tofield. Our fire fighting apparatus includes six mini-pumpers, ten pumpers, two Rescues, three tankers, one utility truck, two quad/ water trailer units and two Command trucks. Commission headquarters are located in Viking, Alberta in the lower level of the Town Office.

Established in 2010, the Beaver Emergency Services Commission (BESC) has a mandate of fire protection, as well as possible additional mandates of emergency management (disaster services), ambulance services, community peace officer, enhanced RCMP, industry and other. The regional partnership, the first of its kind in Alberta, consists of six local volunteer fire departments with over 110 firefighters. Collectively, they respond to more than 300 calls annually.

BESC manages the operation of volunteer fire departments in each of the Towns of Tofield and Viking, the Villages of Ryley and Holden, and the Hamlets of Bruce and Kinsella. Level of service varies from Level 3 in Tofield and Viking (full fire suppression, rescue efforts, and first aid application), to Level 2 in Ryley and Holden (full fire suppression and first aid application), and Level 1 in Bruce and Kinsella (grass fire suppression and first aid application). Individual fire department operations are managed by a District Fire Chief and many dedicated volunteer firefighters.

Levels of Service according to Standard Operating Guidelines passed by BESC Board of Directors, Motion # 11-137 6th April 2011

Level 1           Service provided by Kinsella and Bruce to a limited level of service according to qualifications and resources. Under the direction of a level 3 station, they provide defensive support for local area fires, motor vehicles collision, and other emergency incidents when safe to do so. This may include first response to grass/ bush fires, to other local area fires, traffic control for motor vehicle collision, and medical first response as assistance is requested by EMS unit(s).

Level 2           Service is provided by Ryley fire department at level 2 service according to qualification and resources. Working in conjunction with a level 3 station, may provide response support for their local area fires when safe to do so, motor vehicle collisions, traffic control and medical assistance as requested by EMS unit(s).

Level 3           Service is provided by Tofield, Holden, and Viking stations according to qualifications and resources. Each station shall provide all levels of fire suppression, rescue, traffic control, medical assistance and hazardous materials first response in respective fire areas.

Note:              Vehicle rescue (extrication) is provided by Tofield and Viking. Service areas are as follows.

                        Holden West – Tofield

                        Holden East – Viking

 For more information regarding BESC, please contact:

BESC at (780) 336-3041.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For any emergencies, call 911.

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